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Question on collagen

  1. Jul 29, 2006 #1
    Hello there.

    I was hoping that someone on the forum could assist me with the following question:

    At the moment a friend trying to get the collagen (from a cow) she extracted a few months back to turn into jelly. There are two methods for this documented in the paper that she has on the collagen extraction process. One is to expose the collagen containing liquid to ammonia vapour for a few hours and the other is to dialyse it against water for up to 10 days. Initially she tried the ammonia method with no success. She then placed a small vial filled with ammonia in a container with the collagen in a lip shaped mould that she cut out from an ice cube tray.

    She left this in the fume hood for several days and there was no sign of the collagen setting. She also tried placing the collagen liquid in a platic bottle lid to see if the rubber mould was preventing it from setting but this did not work either.

    Now she's trying the dialysis method. For this she managed to get hold of a few pieces of dialysis tubing, which is basically a tube made out of cellulose based plastic that allows small molecules to diffuse through it. She's filled several pieces of tube with the collagen liquid and left them in distilled water, which she changes everyday.

    This should mean that the smaller molecules of acetic acid that the collagen is dissolved gradually diffuse out into the water leaving only the larger collagen protein molecules inside the tube.

    However, there is no sign of it becoming thicker yet after several days.

    Does anybody have any ideas/methods, other then the two mentioned above, that could turn the collagen into jelly that would set?

    Thanks for any help.

    cheers, space
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    The extraction failed. When there is no collagen, no thickening will be seen ;)
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    thanks for the info. though i am sure the extraction worked. could it be a matter of time?

    do you know how long it would take for the collagen to set? is it a matter of days, weeks or months?

    i would think it would be a couple of weeks at most.

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    Can't get your Jello to set up? :smile:

    I'm thinking you have to get rid of a lot of the water in your extract. AFAIK the stuff won't percipitate out of solution.
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