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Question on determinism

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    After watching a Sam Harris conference a question came to my mind.
    Maybe it's been discussed several times, but I couldn't find any of that.

    The starting point is that, according to determinism, the state of the universe in instant $t_1$ could be theoretically determined knowing its state at a previous instant $t_0$.
    Well, let's take it for granted, which is not by the way.
    Let's go back in the past, where every instant is predetermined by the instant before.
    We may eventually arrive to a beginning, let's say the big bang.

    Question is: what if all the matter at a certain moment (the first moment) was in an homogeneous state ? If all the matter was compressed into a hot dense sphere of homogeneous matter, then how can determinism be true ?

    Otherwise, there must always be, in any moment, as much variables, as we find in a successive moment, otherwise it's not possible to determine the causes of the actual state of universe.
    Is then determinism compatible with big bang theory ?
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