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Homework Help: Question on DNA gel analysis

  1. Feb 24, 2006 #1
    Hi everyone, I ran a gel for restriction digestion and used lamda HindIII as the marker. When I'm drawing the graph on a semi-log paper, size on y axis and distance from the well on the x axis, the standard curve isn't a straight line, but a linear curve. Is it fine?

    Another question: the smallest digit given on a semi-log graph paper for DNA size is 1, but I've got a 0.5 band and couldn't point it out on the graph. What shall I do? Shall I just ignore this?

    Very much appreciated if you could help me solve my problems
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    I'm really confused, cos I've learnt that the distance from the well measured should be proportional to the log10 value of the DNA size. And by theory I should have got a straight line or nearly straight, but the curve I've got doesn't seem to be straight at all!
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    Anyone can answer my question?
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