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Homework Help: Question on Electricity

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    Is there any difference between the static charges generated by rubbing a glass rod with silk or a rubber rod with cat fur and the charges that flow (from a battery) through wires in an electric circuit? Give evidence for your answer.
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    I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer this question, hopefully someone with more knowledge will come in and offer a more detailed answer, but for the mean time,

    The charges that develop from the glass/silk & plastic/fur systems are generated from the breaking of the molecules when you rub the two together. ie: when you rub fur on plastic, the molecules in the fibers of the fur split un-evenly, and part of it is left with a net positive charge, and the other is left with a net negative charge (most of the negative pieces stick to the plastic, while most of the positive parts stick to the fur) . For the glass/silk scenario, I'm not sure if its the glass molecules or silk molecules that break, but a similiar situation occurs.

    The charged partics that make up the current in the wires between a battery are solely electrons, not broken molecules. (The positive charges ( or nucleons ) do not move).
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