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Homework Help: Question on Flux of Light

  1. Sep 8, 2007 #1
    I'm not quite sure how to approach the following problem

    Consider a cone with a small half-opening angle theta < pi. The base of the cone is
    open and at the tip of the cone there is a device that measures the total flux of light
    coming through the base of the cone. The cone is coaxial to a circular light source of
    radius R and luminosity L. If the distance of the tip of the cone to the light source is
    d, calculate and sketch the total flux measured by the device at the tip of the cone as
    a function of d. Is there a distance d where things change? What is this distance for
     = 1, R = 1 m?

    http://jca.umbc.edu/~markos/courses/2007_phy316/ [Broken] is a link to the problem
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