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Question on HIV

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    Hello everybody... I have a question that I have been concerned with for awhile. I know the risk of HIV transmission through mosquitos is quite low and there has never been any examples of it happening. But this is based on the assumption that residual blood left on the mosquito's needle is so little that its effect can be neglected. Also, when a mosquito bites its victim, it doesn't inject blood from its previous victim, and only injects saliva.

    My question is this: if a mosquito bit an HIV infected person (tummy all full of yummy blood now), and the mosquito comes along and bites another person. The mosquito is still biting... i.e. the needle is still injected under the skin. The person slaps the mosquito and kills it and a little puddle of blood is found on the skin. Can HIV be transmitted?


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    I think I remember that the virus dies long before the mosquito gets hungry enough to bite/sting another person.
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