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Question on imm files

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    Hi Guys!,

    I have heard that imm files are image files and that each such file is preceded by a time stamp header file of 1024 kB (kilobytes), is this always the case?
    Also what is this time stamp ( or just header) file ? What information does it include about the corresponding image file and where exactly is this header file situated and how to access it.

    So many questions! But really appreciate if someone can answer them all.

    Thanking in advance

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    What is the context of your question? What is the application? What are these files used for?
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    Nuwan. File extensions (or files types) are operating system dependant and not necessarily unique. In windows the most common association of ".imm" files is the email client "incredimail".
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    The application is image processing. We use the images ( in *.imm format) from a CCD camera and analyze them to reproduced results that are related to X ray scattering.
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    In the case of a lesser-known file format such as this, I'd contact the camera manufacturer and see if they can provide a file format specification that yells you what is contained. If they won't then they usually at least provide a utility that can extract or allow you to read the pertinent information.
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