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Homework Help: Question on ionisation energy

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    Why is the first ionisation energy of chlorine is higher than that of sulphur ?

    i am having trouble with the questions above please help


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    Please show your approach to this question first, it's the policy here at PF for you to do so before any of us can help you out.
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    basically this is a 2 mark question. so really you want to get straight to the point. this isn't a long answers. just a short 2 sentence answer. which will earn you 2 marks.

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    wow what attitude :rofl: compare nuclear charge and shielding effect. guess i cant tell you too much since you didnt even try the qn :tongue2:
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    As semc indicated, the point of learning is to understand the subject, not simply to answer test questions! semc also points you in the right direction. What determines the binding energy of an atomic electron?

    And as GCT indicated, we ask that students submit their work/understanding of the problem and we will then assist. Students are expected to show effort.
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