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Homework Help: Question on microcontroller

  1. Jan 24, 2008 #1
    HI ,
    I have this question from the book " software and hardware engineering for freescale HCS12 microcrontroller from CADY"
    I was not sure where to post it so I did it here. Sorry about that.

    Here is the problem:

    A microcontroller memory map shows 16K bytes of Flash EEPROM in memory space $C000-$FFFF and 1 K bytes of RAM in memory space $1000-$13FF.
    a- Give the range of addresses (in hex) suitable for locating the code.
    b-Give the range of addresses (in hex) suitable for allocating the variable data storage.

    I know from the text that the program must be locate in the FLASH, and the variable in the RAM.
    Is the solution is doing a substraction of addresses in hexadecimal for the FLASH(code) and the RAM(variable)?

    I have another question about the I/O interface:
    Why must a latch be used to interface an output device to the data bus?

    I found it too simple since the problem is for advanced question.
    Thank you
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