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Question on (outside) blogs

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    I was wondering if there was anyway to link up a blogspot blog to a PF blog. If there's not a simple method of doing this, would it be an abuse of PF resources if my PF blog simply had links to posts in my blogspot account?

    I ask because I think there are PF readers who would find my blog interesting, and their feedback would really help me with ideas and posting quality material.

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    You can have a link in your signature (to enable that you have to become a gold member, either upgrade or help project proliferation) so long as the blog complies to the PF rules.
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    I thought of the signature route, but I would like a blog entry listing next to my name. This shows the blog is active, and I don't feel like I'm advertising too much.

    I wasn't aware of project proliferation. I'll most likely take part, however I'd like to avoid advertising in a signature.
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    Well I started using the PF blog to show links of my blogpsot blog. I just couldn't think of any reasons why it would bother anyone.

    Though I did have some trouble. I couldn't figure out how to post in a category, and all my posts are under "moderated blog entries" instead of "visible blog entries".
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    All new member blogs automatically go into moderation so that they can be reviewed to make sure they are within the rules.

    Linking to your blog on another site would follow the same rules as cited by Ryan in post number 2. It's considered a form of advertising, and you need to have status that will allow you to advertise your blog (as long as it meets forum rules).

    You could have the links to your blog removed.
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    I thought about the advertising issue. Though my motivation isn't to mislead PF users. It's a blog that I think fits well with PF discussion. The PF blog system isn't nearly as well polished as other sites, and lacks several important features. So instead of compromising readability and ease of access for users, I chose to use another site. Everything posted to the blog is something I would be happy to post here, though I understand the lack of moderation via this method may cause some to worry.
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