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Question on pseudocapacitors

  1. Sep 21, 2011 #1
    Could somebody explain how pseudocapacitors store energy?
    In other explanations I found such exression as ``fast reversible redox reactions``
    and similar.But how exactly there could be redox reaction if no new chemical
    substances are formed?
    For example there is claims about huge pseudocapacitance associated with carbon-iodine
    interface interaction.http://www.mendeley.com/research/striking-capacitance-carboniodide-interface/" [Broken]But it doesn`t seem that carbon three-iodide is formed.How it works then?
    And does pseudocapacitor require two chemically different electrodes?Or we could use
    only one say positive electrode?
    What whould be an ultimate pseudocapacitor,could we make something that allow each atom of carbon sponge react with an atom of electrolyte?
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