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Question on signal selecting

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    Is there such an intergrated circuit that can select a specific frequency out of a large selection of frequencies and to regulate the voltage.
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    Frequency slectivity is accomplished with a filter, either digital or analog in nature. Not sure what you mean by "regulate the voltage". Do you mean to filter a particular frequency range of signal (like with a bandpass filter), and then use gain control to cause the peak-to-peak amplitude of the output signal to be some set value?
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    I'm thinking of an ac voltage regulator. since changes in voltage create changes in frequency, I thought by regulating the voltage to one steady voltage flucuation that it would regulate the voltage and frequency.
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    An AC voltage regulator is a plain ol' transformer, at least if you know what the input voltage is.

    - Warren
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    Perhaps you are thinking of a frequency divider.
    Basically a crystal oscillator with a counter network where the divisor can be set by switches.

    Voltage and frequency are normally independent quantities.
    You can adjust one without affecting the other.

    There is such a thing as a voltage controlled oscillator though.
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