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Question on starting a thread in S&D

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    Hey guys,

    I recently started a thread that linked to a website challenging the interpretation of the null resutl of the MMX, as well as Relativity; the thread was subsequently deleted. The purpose of this thread isn't to find out why, as I was made aware of the reason; instead I am just wondering if the guy who owns the site were to start a thread outlining the experiment he conducted, which he says challenges the interpretation of the null result of the MMX, would that satisfy the rules for posting here in S&D?

    I have been in email contact with him, and he has said that he has submitted his work for peer review, but that little consideration is given to his findings, much like the way threads here are deleted without consideration. I am not questioning that policy, as I understand that if every crackpot were to be allowed get on his soapbox there would be no room for the sensible theories, but I'm sure that people can recognise how genuine challenges can slip through the net as a result of this policy.

    Just having read the posting guidelines for S&D I was wondering, if he were to outline his experiment and his findings would it comply with the rules:
    Please advise, and if it would be "kosher" for him to present his case here, I will let him know.

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    It is not part of the mission of PF to provide an alternative to the peer review process for scientific research.
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    How about a supplement to it?
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    Skepticism and debunking is not for independant research. You seem to have not read the rules.

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