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Question on the Subconscious Mind

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    I'm currently reading "Angels and Demons", by Dan Brown - the book is mediocre, but enjoyable, in case you're wondering. Anyway, I perused a sentence that stated the following:

    "Langdon felt a trace of self-preservation grip his unconscious mind."

    How can someone be aware of what is happening to their subconscious mind? It's subconscious. ~ Thanks.
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    That sentence is a literary device, a metaphor.
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    Ah, that's what I assumed - someone else led me to believe otherwise so I decided to check. Thanks.
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    really? I seem to be able to give my subconcious mind commands...like wake me up in 2hrs. I have repeated gone to sleep at a certain time and woken up 2hrs(+/- 2 minutes) later. at first it seemed to be coincident but i have repeated this many times... also my subconcoius tells me when the Simpsons are on. laugh if you want to but it happened today, i had no access to any type of clock for 1/2 hr and i heard a little voice in the back of my mind say "psst...turn the tv on"(well it didn't really say anything but that is what i knew) and sure enough the opening credits were playing. i wasn't conciously counting the seconds for a 1/2hr so i assume that my subconcus must have done that for me. {{{{Plz correct me if I am using incorrect terms/saying complete B.S. I am not a brain surgereon or the likes of that}}}

    I am also currently reading "Angles and Demons". excellent book so far. i recommend it highly, LOTS of action, good plot,and it gives you things to think about which is unusual for a book with so much action. so far 8 out of 10. I am at the part where the assassian is telling the reporter stuff, so plz dont spoil anything in your later post.
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    i deffinitly think that we can give our subconscious commands. We sometimes dont realize it and do it in subtle ways, such as prayer and visualization techniques. I believe that prayer is actually a cry for help which is picked up by our subconscious and acted on by our subconscious. We kind of take the stress off of ourselves, by leaving it up to some supreme being (God for example), and this allows it to get through to the subconscious and the subconscious begins to act on it.

    I have done many visualization techniques in the past to influence both physical and mental states in my mind. For example I cursed my sinuses by repeated visualizations of the mucous clearing and the infection healing over time.

    I strongly feel that we can send messages to our subconscious, our subconscious is the wisdom within us. It is the one which actually runs things, the conscious mind merely attempts to interpret things from our subconscious and provides a kind of working space for our thoughts before they are digested into our subconscious.

    I dont know if this is making any sense, but i would deffintly love to hear people's opinions on this topic!
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