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Question on the Torque needed

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    Hi Guys and Girls, I new to here. I am Designer and recently I am studying the torque of a motor needed to turn a set of 20 agitators by using a belt. Let say each of the agitator have needed 2Nm to operate, so if I use a motor to operate 20 agitators how many of torque is needed. I have no idea on it. Can you give me some ideas? Thank you!

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    Hello Eugym, welcome to PF :smile: !

    In the picture it says 5 Nm per agitator !
    Anyway, in principle you can just add up the torques, so you would end up with 40 Nm for your case, or 100 Nm for the case as shown in the picture.
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    I also thinking in this way. Ok, I will try hard on it. Thanks for your opinion!
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    You also need to add sufficient torque to accelerate all of the rotational masses from 0 RPM within the time required. This will be in addition to the 20x5 Nm torque.
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