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Question on Theoretical Physics

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    Question on "Theoretical Physics"

    For college purposes I'm trying to get a feel on what major I would like to pursue for a BA and maybe eventually a Ph.D. I'm interested in physics in general, specifically trying to think of something new as opposed to entirely using formulas/laws of other people. It seems that by definition a theoretical physicist would be doing just that but I'm not sure so hopefully someone can clear that up.

    I'm concerned that the thing that would hinder me from being a successful physicist (success for me would mean making a noteworthy contribution to physics) would be my intelligence. I guess I'm just afraid that if pursue physics that other physicists will all be geniuses and that I simply won't be able to match up to them in terms of abstract thought. Hopefully I can be aware of my intellectual limitations sooner than later just as I am of my athletic or artistic ones.
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