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Question regarding differentiation

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    A right pyramid with a square base is inscribed in a sphere of radius R,all the five vertices of the pyramid being in contact with the sphere.If the height of the pyramid is x,show that the four vertices of the base of the pyramid lie on a circle of radius r, where r^2 = 2Rx - x^2 .

    I need someone help to me draw a diagram of this question so that I can understand better what the question want.Thanks for anybody that help me to draw a simple diagram for me and thanks for anybody that spend some time on this question.
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    1.What's that gotta do with "DIFFERENTIATION"??

    2.U need us to help you make a drawing to solve a space geometry problem??U must be kidding,right???Do you have perspective vision???

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    I find it surprising you can't picture the situation as the description was pretty clear. But after Dexters words I'll comfort you with a pic.

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    Thanks for your help da willem to help me draw out the diagram and I will try my very best to solve this question.I want to say sorry to dextercioby and da willem for my request that are too "EXTREMITY"
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    try using the pythagorean theorem.
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