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Question Regarding Friction

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    A certain guy I do not get along with, a college senior, and I, a freshmen, are having an argument about friction.

    My question is: Which has more friction, a moving object or a stationary object? I've not taken Physics before, so I couldn't make an argument that moving objects encounter more friction than stationary objects.

    Can someone please explain whether a stationary object or a moving object experiences the most friction? Also, can somone provide a proof of the answer in terminology that I, a college freshman who has never taken physics before, may understand.

    Thank you.
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    Maybe this will help:

    So you see there's no absolute answer to your question, but in most cases an object will experience more friction when it's at rest.

    This is all based on the standard model of friction:
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    Friction comes in 2 forms. Static friction is the friction force required to start a body moving. The friction experienced by a moving body is called kinetic friction. It is always true that kinetic friction < Static friction.
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