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Homework Help: Question Regarding Oxides

  1. Feb 28, 2007 #1
    With the following examples:

    Li2O + H2O -> 2OH- + 2Li+ basic
    BeO + H2O -> Be(OH)2 basic
    F2O + H2O -> 2HFO acidic

    How do you know whether oxide reactions with water results in a single product such as HFO or Be(OH)2 and when it results in ions, such as OH- and Li+? I assume it is because Li does not hydrolyze, but I am still a little confused. Do all basic oxides react with water to form a product with (OH) in it? Can any one help explain this a little better?

    I have tried the following examples to see if I know what I am doing:

    SO2 + H2O -> H2SO3
    Na2O + H2O -> 2Na+ + 2OH-
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    From my recollection, acidic and basic oxides with water becomes two products. You may want to read upon this topic a bit more in your standard chemistry text.
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