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Question regarding sleeping

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    My brother sleeps with one of his eyelids slightly open, allowing his eye to be exposed. It is really small (a sliver really). Has anyone heard about this? I'm also curious if it is harmful. On a sidenote, it's interesting to watch when he is in REM.
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    My mother is the same! I don't think it would be harmful though. And you know I've heard some people sleep with open eyes.(I mean the eyes are completely open during the sleep. :bugeye:)
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    Oh my god, that sounds weird :bugeye: Do the people sleeping with open eyes fall into a REM sleep?
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    Personally I've not seen any person who can sleep with open eyes, but I've heard it alot. ( I'm still in doubt about it .)
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    Believe me it’s possible.
    In my first high school year, we’ve (my class) organized trip to seaside. Organization was pretty poor ;), and we ended in some lousy hotel with 3 persons per 1 bed ratio :). We’ve packed ourselves in beds in sardine can fashion. And in about 5 am I’ve woke up, just to see guy by me, lying like dead. Both eyes wide open, with open mouth, almost not breathing. By the way he has large spooky blue eyes. I’ve waved in front of his head, and nothing, so I woke up everybody to see this. It’s totally crazy and funny in some way. We were loud enough so he woke up, and told us that he always sleep with his eyes open, I mean he starts sleeping with closed eyes, but after a while his eyes get opened.
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    Is your brother's name Gandalf?
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    For sure you were really scared at first!:uhh:
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    yeah, that sound spooky...

    anyway, i found you something:


    and from here http://www.medhelp.org/forums/neuro/archive/11403.html

    hope that helps....
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    Thanks, it helped!
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    youre welcome, it was my pleasure :biggrin:
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