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Homework Help: Question regarding two bodies where one has constant acceleration and the other hs constant velocity

  1. Oct 1, 2014 #1
    Say we have two cars, Car A and Car B. Car A is 25 meters ahead and has a constant velocity. Car B has the exact same velocity at the moment of observation, but also has a constant positive acceleration.

    If I want to calculate how long it takes for Car B to overtake Car A, wouldn't it be the same as calculating how long it takes car B to go 25 meters from standing still?

    I know how to calculate it if this is correct, I just need to know if it is.
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    I think you can answer this one for yourself. Write the kinematic equations for both cars and and subtract them (if you want their positions equal, you want ##P_B - P_A = 0##. Set it equal to zero and see what happens.
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