MATLAB Question: Space Vector PWM in Matlab/Simulink & 5V-15V Interface circuit

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and I hope someone can help me with my project. I need to design a Space Vector PWM circuit block connected to my DS1102 PWM hardware block in Simulink. Anybody have any ideas?

Here's what the dSPACE support people wrote:

Here is some advice from hardware development. As far as we see you need an open collector output to pull the cathode (pin 2 of the H11L1 opto coupler) to GND when the DS1102 PWM output is high, and to leave the pin open when PWM is low. Attached is a basic schematic of a circuit to use for this purpose. We cannot dimension the components for your, you will probably need some help of a circuit designer to complete this if you cannot determine the component values yourself.

Note that the PWM outputs of the DS1102 are directly provided by the TMS320P14 slave DSP. The DSP's digital I/O lines are very limited to only IOH high-level output current : -300 µA and IOL low-level output current : 2 mA. [Broken]

I've asked another person and he said that I need a logic level device that will be switched on by the logic level specification. What is a logic level device?

My second question is about designing an interface circuit between the 5V output of the DS1102 PWM block and a 15V inverter input. I've asked the dSPACE people for help but I'm still quite unclear about the circuit as there are no values to the resistors. My tutor also told me to use a line driver instead of using just single resistors which will take up too much space and it'll be bulky. I have no idea how to use a line driver as I've never encountered one before.

For some information about Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation, try looking at this: [Broken]
There's some guidelines on how to design a CMEX SVPWM in Matlab but I have no idea how to do it. Anyone good with Matlab?

Hope someone will be able to help.

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