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Homework Help: Question that I simply can't figure out and need help!

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    A wedge with an inclination of angle theta rests next to a wall. A block of mass m is sliding down the plane, as shown. There is no friction between the wedge and the block or between the wedge and the horizontal surface.

    1) Find the magnitude, F_net, of the sum of all forces acting on the block.

    Which I found to be mgsin(theta) and is the correct answer

    2) Find the magnitude, F_ww, of the force that the wall exerts on the wedge. Express F_ww in terms of theta and m, along with any necessary constants.

    This second part is the part I am having trouble with

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    Welcome to PF msilva,

    How do you think that this problem should be approached. Which concepts are applicable?

    P.S. For future reference, we have homework forums for such problems.
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    Hey msilva, why don't you start by drawing up the problem, then try to imagine the forces acting upon your block.
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