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Question to find speed at terminal velocity with mass and the air resistance

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    On a recent drop, one of the parachutes holding a supply package didn’t open. If the mass of the package was 35 kg and the drag or air resistance factor was 0.8 kg/m, at what speed did the package reach terminal velocity?

    I am confused with this question mainly because of the unit used for air resistance. I would normally look to find net force by converting 35 kg to N (which is 343) and air resistance to N as well. But what gets me is the air resistance factor format. I looked online and saw that N= kg * m/s^2 but I do not know how to go about converting .8 kg/m (which is not in m/s^2 format), in order to subtract the two forces (fnet) and setting up the equation fnet = m(a) and solving for acceleration. No where online is an example of this process with "kg/m" as the air resistance, the closest thing I can find to that is "kg/m^3" which is air density. Thank you all who can help.
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