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Question to Yomamma and Whozum

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    My dad recently moved to Scottsdale for his job. I hasn't bothered to tell me much about it yet, so I have a question for you :
    How is life in Scottsdale? What kind of city is it?
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    I haven't been near Scottsdale for quite a while but from what I remember it's not bad...... I'll try to remember what's over there(in the sense of stores, theaters, whatnot) to remember what it's like....
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    Depends on what part, and really depends on the life your dad wants to live. In the valley though, scottsdale is the upper-class part of town for the most part, but its being rivaled by places like chandler and cave creek now. What exactly are you trying to find out?
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    your question's a ittle too general. what exactly are you asking?
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    The northern part of Scottsdale is more upper class. When I lived there I paid way more for my home than I feel it was worth and had a longer drive to everything. There are a lot a restaurants, golf courses, shopping etc. in the area. The Valley in general is HOT in the summer, which lasts about six months of the year. The traffic and pollution has increased and soon will be like L.A. because of urban sprawl, etc. Unlike other cities our size, a rural mentality remains (the sidewalks roll up early), typically lower incomes, etc. But the state as a whole has a lot to offer in terms of variety.
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    yeah, pretty much what SOS said. it gets up to about 113 degrees (F) in the summer..
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