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Homework Help: Question when doing a simple investigative experiment .

  1. Jul 20, 2004 #1
    question when doing a simple investigative experiment.....

    should such variables as mass be similar to each other? what would be the advatages? disadvantages?

    I said that the masses really shouldnt be similar...you're trying to get a data spread and you want your masses to not be similar but evenly spread....How right or wrong am I???

    THX :)
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    Can you please be a little more specific? Variables depend on what kind of experiment you performed, because in some cases, things like mass are not inconsiquential. Can you go into a bit more detail about your experiment?

    - harsh
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    We don't know what your experiement is, but generally if you want a data spread you (a) increase the number of sample points and (b) increase/decrease the distance (call it distance, span or delta...whatever) between successive values as desired.

    So if you want a spread in mass, you could just add more mass...or to be more precise, add more weight (since you can't determine mass accurately anyway :tongue2:). Oh well, thats perhaps the most hopeless advice I can give you under the circumstances.

    Advantages/Disadvantages? We don't know that until we know the objective of your investigation.

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