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Homework Help: Question with wind velocity

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    I am doing a homework assignment for my General Engineering class and am really frustrated because I can't get it, and I remember doing this sort of problem in high school, but forget how to do it. Here it is

    A plane flies (in still air) at 250 mi/hr. On Monday morning the plane leaves point A and flies due East for one hour and then flies due south for one hour to arrive at B. Throughout the wind velocity is 50 mi/hr to the east
    a) What is the distance from B to A?
    b) What is the heading (the direction the plane must point in) that the plane must fly to return to B?
    c) How long would it take for the return flight?

    I drew a nice little picture and figured out when it is flying east it will be flying 300 mi/hr with the wind, but I forget what to do when he is flying south and the wind is east. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Add the two components.

    If it changes direction to the south, and the wind blows it to the East, then the path it took isn't directly to the south.

    All you need to do is add up the E-W component, and the N-S component, and then do Pythagoras to get the distance.
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