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Questionable benefits

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    What sort of benefits are there to studying both mechanical engineering and physics in undergrad. I'm pretty dead set on this, I'm just curious to know. Has anyone else gone this route? I'm also minoring in EE if that helps the scenario out.
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    You will know more mechanical engineering than most people with a BS in physics.
    You will know more physics than most people with a BS in ME.


    It will take you at least an extra year to graduate. If you look at the starting salary for an ME and assuming it costs you $10,000 dollars a year to be in school this is costing you about $60,000 a year to do.

    It will have negligible effect on your employement (a year of experience would be better, at least from the ME side).

    It will be spending time you could be using to pursue a graduate degree on a second undergraduate degree.
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    Well, one of my main goals is to become an accelerator engineer more or less. I plan on studying MechE in machine design and EE in power systems in grad. Potential money isn't quite a large concern to me. After all I didn't seek to get into engineering for the money haha.
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