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Homework Help: Questions 1 - 5 Answers

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    If anyone is willing to help me out by answering those 5 questions ASAP (by Monday, Feb. 7th) then I will gladly pay them $1 per problem answered. I would also gladly donate to "Support Physics Forum". I am assigned over 100 problems for physics weekly and these are the ones that I cannot figure out. I am currently taking 3 science classes and 1 math class(Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Linear Calculus) and I simply do not have much spare time to keep attempting these problems.

    If someone could also write out and explain how the problem is done, that would greatly help me out.
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    Nice try. :yuck: The rules must be obeyed. Read the sticky about posting your efforts first, and stop offering bribes.

    If most of the guys helping out here really cared about money we'd be setting up paid homework help services. :grumpy: There is nothing but altruism here, and it's rotten of you to try and erode that. :frown:
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    Doc Al

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    Read the sticky at the top of the page. Show your work if you want help.
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