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Calculators Questions about a TI-89

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    I got mine recently, I havent used it as much, because I still have a TI-83, someone told me that with a 89 you can store equations, notes and it shows all of your work? Is that true, because I heard this from two different individual, and a third person told me that it doesn't show all of your work? So I would like all of your input on this, and whats your opinion about an 89 and whats the difference between a 89 and a 83?
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    All of your questions can be answered by reading the manual. Overall, it is quite safe to say that the TI-89 is far more powerful than the TI-83.
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    If you look at the guide for the calculator here:
    http://education.ti.com/guidebooks/graphing/8992p/8992bookeng.pdf [Broken]

    You will see that one of it's features is a symbolic solver. If that is what is meant by "shows all of the work." No solver I know of shows intermediate steps. You request an operation, i.e. factor, and you get an answer.

    Storing equations is something that has been around a long time. So that is nothing new. As far as notes, on my old calculator, where you could write programs, we used to store notes.

    Seriously. If you're going to drop over $150 on a calculator, doesn't it make sense to read the manual?
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    Hey guys thanks for the information, I got the 89 durring the summer of 06, at that time I was working 65+ hours a week, and when school came I cut down but I did not have time to read the manual, my 07 spring sem I didn't take any math classes, I'm now looking into section by section, but I just thought I'd ask, so yea in a way it is my fault for not reading the manual, but I hope you guys can understand my circumstances.
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