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Questions about advanced degrees in engineering

  1. Jan 4, 2009 #1
    At the last class of our professional seminar, the head of our graduate department came and spoke to us about graduate school admissions and enrollment. It got me interested in the subject, because my industry interests include areas like energy research, robotics and space engineering. I have never really considered getting a doctorate in engineering, and am planning on going straight to the workforce when I graduate (btw, my major is mechanical engineering, I am a third year, and my GPA is 2.66. I haven't taken anything like the P/GREs) etc. I know that some companies will pay for employees to pursue graduate coursework, but I would like some help in learning things that I can do to improve my academics so that I may have this option in the future. I've noticed that you guys give a lot of helpful and realistic advice, and I would appreciate any tips or feedback as to whether or not I would be ready for / productive in a graduate program in mechanical (or aerospace?) engineering. Thanks!
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