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Questions about becoming Materials Engineer (mainly in UK)

  1. Aug 27, 2009 #1
    Hi, I have a few questions about becoming a materials engineer.

    1. At the moment, I'm about to start A-Levels, taking Maths mechanics, physics, chemistry and hopefully geography as well. Will this provide a good spread of subjects?

    2. Also, what UK universities are best for materials engineering courses? I've heard that Loughborough and Nottingham and good, but I'd like to know if this is correct/there are others to look into.

    3. Is there a specific specialisation that's a growing market and will provide plenty of opportunities over the years? I'm thinking maybe electronics or metals, but again, input would be helpful.

    4. Does the have a lot of job opportunities? If so, is the a specific area of the UK that has the main share of jobs?

    I'd also like to know the same about the US/Canada if at all possible.

    5. Is the career fairly easy to get into out of university? Are there a lot of jobs available for graduates or are they few and far between?

    6. Salary wise (yes, I know its not about the money, but I'm interested regardless) what is the maximum available?

    If I worked on a project by project between companies (freelance basically), would I earn more than if I worked just for one company?

    Also, are there bonuses available in the field? Say, the team you are in makes a breakthrough that can reduce costs for the company or something, would the team get a bonus, or would it just be like "job well done"?

    7. As I understand, there is a fair amount of work involved in using computer programs for simulations. Do you learn how to use these programs in university, or is it a case of having to learn it from scratch as you start work?

    Thanks for any answers you can give, I appreciate the help.
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