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Questions about black holes

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    Hey everyone,
    I have some questions about quantum physics and black holes.

    For starters, what happens to an entangled particle as it enters a super massive black hole? Would gravity just break the entangled state because of the extreme forces? The only issue i see with that is that entangled particles were made here on earth, which obviously has gravity, and those entangled particles werent affected (to my knowledge). However, i realize that much stronger gravity could break the entangled state. Also, im confused about the evaporation of black holes via hawkings radiation. As i understand it, a particle and anti particle pair are created on the planck scale very close to the radius of a black hole; when the black hole absorbs the anti particle, it losses mass. However, why wouldn't the black hole also abosrb the regular particle, and emit the anti particle as radiation? Statistically, it seems that the black hole would absorb equal amounts of particle, and anti particles, which would result in a net energy difference of 0. My understanding could be completely wrong, so thank you in advance for spending the time to educate someone ignorant in physics.
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    you might find it interesting to do a forum search on black holes. Your questions have been answered here numerous times and you'll see other interesting stuff as well.
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