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  1. Can someone explain what type if nickel catalyst they used in this experiment? Is it literally just nickel or is it a nickel compound? When someone says they used an xmetal catalyst is it literally just that metal or are all compounds containing that metal collectively called an xmetal catalyst?
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  4. Any idea where I could find the article free on the web? It looks like it costs money and it'll take my schools librarian a while to get it.
  5. If you search on Google/Google Scholar for articles, you can often find author reprints posted on their personal/departmental websites, as was the case here (PDF document).
  6. Cool thank you very much. I had no idea.
  7. Probably a stupid question but the catalyst they used was Ni(NO3) hexahydrate, that has a boiling point of 136.7 degrees Celsius shouldn't it have all evaporated and been useless by the time they got the material to 1160 degrees Celsius?
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    It is an ionic salt, my bet is that what is happening is on melting it dissolves in its own hydration water and then the hydration water boils out, leaving anhydrous salt behind.
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