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Questions about electrons?

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    This will probably sound stupid to a lot of you on here, but I'm a little confused, and this is my first time learning this stuff. So electrons aren't part of an atom is that correct?
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    No question is stupid. Electrons are part of atoms. They can also flow in conductors or fly around under certain conditions all by themselves (like in an old-fashioned Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV. To learn about atoms and their structure visit these three sites. After you've tried to learn on your own if you have any doubts or questions, return here and post them. Members here are always ready to assist any true searcher who is trying to learn about science.


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    Thanks, I was confused cause the way they described it I thought electrons were just charges flowing around atoms, that they could either have them or not have them. Thanks and happy holidays.
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    The web.jjay.cuny.edu is a good site.
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