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Questions about emulators

  1. Dec 12, 2004 #1
    1. Are they illegal?
    2. Should you be able to put a PS2 disc in the computer, open the emulator and boot the disc?
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    The general pattern with emulators is that it's often considered ok to emulate most of the parts of the emulated device - the display, sound chips, microprocessor etc., but not the firmware in the ROM (or equivalent).

    To make a working simulator, the firmware is almost always required, and as Sony probably won't want to licence the firmware to run on any hardware except an actual PS2, it probably means that such a simulator would be illegal.

    Sony might decide to sell a legal licenced simulator, but probably not.

    Once the PS2 becomes obsolete, you'll probably find that there will eventually be legal simulators for it. This has already happened with many old computers from 20 years ago or thereabouts.
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