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Questions about G Forces...

  1. Oct 27, 2015 #1
    1) If people or aquatic animals like fishes and whales were to be fully immersed inside a big enough water container, and say this water container is inside an aircraft, and the aircraft executes extremely high accelerations that G forces reach up to near 100, would the animals and people immersed inside the water container be affected the same way as people outside the water and get injured or die in a similar manner or would being in the water give them higher resistance to G force keeping them alive and safer from injuries, Allowing them to withstand higher g forces? When I say 'immersed inside the water', I mean basically below the surface without having any body part above the water.

    2) What technologies are currently being used and are best to counteract G forces? Is it possible that in the future we could have technologies enabling us to withstand greater g forces than today?

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    Have you researched Anti g suits? Wiki has some basic stuff to say about them.
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