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Questions about genes

  1. Apr 9, 2007 #1
    Which gene is the commonest in the animal and plant world and why?
    Which gene makes a plant most different from an animal?
    If genes hadn't mutated in the past, how different would the world be today?
    If there was more to the genetic code than ATCG i.e five,six or seven building blocks for the gentic material, what difference would that make to evolutionary biology,on another planet,for example?
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    is this a homework question?
    question 1, u should know this, or at least know some examples
    question 2, look at how the two live differently, there is a probably a gene behind that.
    question 3, no mutation means hmmm we wouldnt be here today. dont care how u are going to argue that one or against it, but it is too easy to argue anyway.
    question 4. more than nuc acid, means more combos, means, hmmm actually I can argue either way.
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