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Questions about Install Software Applications

  1. Nov 10, 2004 #1
    Does anyone know if a software is to be purchased and upgraded in a Company then:
    1. What procedures should be followed to document software purchases and observe licensing requirement?
    2. What procedures should the organisation take to minimize disruption when software is installed or upgraded within the organisation?

    3. How should the organisation ensure that user’s software needs are met?

    I really need your help.
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    Will my questions be answered by anyone?? If any of you are currently working in an organisation, I believe that you have the knowledge and understanding to help me, there are a lot of problems I have to solve but I've trying to solve the others and those are the ones I couldn't solve, so can you help me with these questions?


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    How large of organization?
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    In the UK the goverment created a very nice process for how one should run an IT/Technology Shop called "The IT Infrastructure Library" (ITIL) Bascially IMHO the reason why no one ansered your question becuase the scope is too big for just 1 posting....

    Anyway I would read through this www >>>Site<<<

    Hope that is of some help
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    I know since it's a big assignment. Oh well, i'm going to do it by myself, thanks for your help anyway. I appreciate it.


    It's a small business that has just opened up an office with 6 PCs.

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    You should think about using open source software. What type of applications does this small business use?
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    There are many ways to go about this. In my opinion the number one thing to keep in mind while determining how you will handle this is… don’t use IT for the sake of IT, instead use it as a tool for the business to decrease expenses, increase profits, and improve operations.

    That may seem like common sense to you, however I have been in this industry for a long time and have seen countless times of IT personnel letting the “tail wag the dog”. IT is a hobby and occupation for most IT people, however for businesses it not used as a fun hobby. It is just a tool to augment the business. So always keep that in mind.

    Research the licensing requirements for each piece of software and make a decision on what is best. You could use something as simple as an excel spread sheet to document purchases, or keep it well organized in your email folders, or let your accounting department keep long term records of it. Make note of who/or what department the software is for so you can see what departments are spending the most or least as far as IT costs are concerned.

    Minimize disruption by installing the software during non-business hours, or while the end-user is away from their desk, or by deploying the application from a centralized location (some apps will be able to be deployed while the user is working and not require a reboot, and other apps will not)

    Also minimize disruption by having a solid back-up and disaster/recovery plan. This is essential for any organization.

    Talk with your users. And talk with the CEO to get a feel for what is the most important uses of technology for the company. Balance the needs of the users and the company and then make decisions on what is the best fit. Keeping in mind not to let the “tail wag the dog” …

    Good luck to you, hope this helps some…
  9. Nov 15, 2004 #8
    Thanks a lot syano. Also for the third question, I am thinking about :

    a) Steps to be followed to ensure computer is adequate to take software installation/upgrade
    b) Testing procedures to be used
    c) If client’s needs are not met, what procedures should be taken to address this

    But I'm not so sure about how those steps and procedures are carried out within a company.

    a) What are the steps that can ensure the computer is adequate to take software installation/upgrade? Those are not just looking at the system requirements but also involving software and hardware inventory (register). Do you have any ideas about these things?

    b) How can you test to see if the software work properly in a professional way? Who will be the one in charge of these procedures, isn't it the computer consultant or supervisor or the employees who use those computers and softwares themselves.

    c) And if the requirements are not met, then who will be in charge of this and what can he or she do to improve the situation.

    Since I'm not in an organisation and have never met any senario as such, I just come up with ideas but not so sure and I don't have the confidence put them into the report's content. Plus those ideas are just brainstorms.

    Thanks again those who help me,

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