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Questions about Multiverse and beyond

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    Somewhere I read Stephen Hawking’s words: “there is 98% chance that another Big Bang could happen and create another universe”. (meaning only) This makes the multiverse possible.

    When there is one, there is another one, naturally there should have unlimited number of universes exist and there should have number of “neighbouring universes” around our ones.

    Our universe is expanding now. Ultimately our universe would start shrinking or contracting. I imagine that the neighbouring universes are doing the same either expanding or shrinking right now. (I can not imagine that they are doing nothing at the moment).

    To make something to expand or shrink there must have some kind of energy or force to drive it.

    My Questions are:

    1. What is the force to drive the universe to expand?

    2. Is gravity the only force to make universe to contract?

    3. How could the gravity, as a very weak force, to make the Big Crunch to start, where it has only 1-2% of the mass in the universe?

    4. Where do the force(s) come from and what kind of characters this or these force(s) would have if they do exist?

    5. Why does not the universe expand with a uniform speed?

    6. Is there anything to do with its neighbouring universes while an universe is expanding or contracting? If there is, why and how?
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