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Algebra Questions about my game plan

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    Hi. So my knowledge of math has regressed to very very basic. I want to start from the beginning and build a solid foundation. So the path I've created for my self before starting my uni education is;
    Algebra 1 and 2
    Pre Calc

    And then once I get to uni ill start with the Calc for science course.

    My questions are;
    Is this a good path?
    What book would be perfect for Algebra and Geometry? (As in the best author or something)
    Should I learn Algebra and Geometry at the same time? Ill have 5-6 hours a day to really focus on this (I have a addictive personality)

    I want to get a very high level of math behind me and hope to have a future in physics
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    Wrichik Basu

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    Can I ask you what your age is (just to make sure you understand the books I recommend)?
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    Just use OpenStax Books,They are good and free.
    and Geometry (after you learn basic things,like pythagorean theorem and finding slop, equation of line and finding area and volume of some shapes you which the first part is important for calculus), You must learn it alongside with your last Algebra course or Pre-calculus course.
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    I am 21.
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    And the thing with online textbooks is; currently I don't have a computer only a smart phone, and using online books on this would annoy me. Also, and I really don't understand why, I prefer physical books. Always have.
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    What's the difference between Algebra 1,2 and Pre Calc ? other than that it feels correct.
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