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A Questions about some derivations in Einstein's 1916 GR paper

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    Hello everyone. I was reading Einsteins 1916 original paper on GR, the "The foundation of the general theory of relativity". There are some derivation that he did but I didn't quite understand. It would be nice if someone can give me some direction or some guidance on it.

    Here is the link to the paper.

    My question originated from chapter #18, from the derivation of equation (57). He says that we can get (57) by by multiplying partial derivative ∂g^μν/∂x_σ with equation (53), but I tried and didn't quite get it. I knows that this (57) amounts to showing the left side of the multiplied (53) to be zero (or this is wrong?) but I can't get it. One idea is that it can be factorisation by product rule of derivation. By multiplying (53) by a partial derivative one get two first degree derivative in one term, and I cannot figure out how to factorise them into a degree one derivative by product rule.

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