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Questions about the SAT and ACT

  1. Sep 19, 2011 #1
    I have a few questions about the SAT and ACT college admission tests.

    *How many questions are there on the SAT and ACT?
    *How long does each test typically take to complete?
    *How are the tests scored?
    *What is the "average" score for both tests?
    *Which test is easier?
    *Do certain colleges require you to take both tests, or just one?
    *Do community colleges require these tests?
    *Are these tests particularly difficult?
    *I did extremely well in high school (3.7 GPA) but for some reason, I was never given the SAT/ACT shortly before graduation, how come?
    *Is your eligibility for a scholarship based on these tests?
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    Some of these questions can be answered by visiting College Board's website.

    Everyone, I would suggest that, given the OP's history, you think twice before responding to this thread.
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    Is there anywhere online which includes the correct answers to every question on the test?
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    Of course not. However, you may find sample or past papers on the college website.
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