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Questions about the Universe

  1. Jan 3, 2010 #1
    Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I independently study physics, physicists, and science in my spare time. I'm fascinated by it and can't get enough, although the more I learn.. instead of finding answers I just keep getting more questions.

    My questions aren't necessarily mathematical, but rather.. curiously.

    1. I'm a huge fan of Michio Kaku, I sort of understand the string theory but was wondering if anyone on here believes in it, and can clarify what it is to me..

    2. How big is the actual Universe, and do you believe in multi Universes ? I kind of do believe in multi Universes, but I feel it's even bigger than that.. or smaller for that matter.

    3. By physics, is time travel possible and if so how ? I've heard and seen documentary's that scientists are working on a portal but couldn't see how it's plausible.

    4. What are your view's on extra terrestrial life, and if at all any exists in the cosmos .. Apart of me wants to believe in the 3 stages of human civilization purposed by Dr. Kaku, but another makes me wonder..

    5. I'm aware of how minuscule earth is, and was wondering if space travel is even possible in the future, and if theirs anything more faster than light.. maybe not yet discovered.

    6. I know the Universe is dispersing, expanding at great rates .. but was curious if black holes have anything to do with it, and why black holes exist. Are they portals, and does the matter just evaporate after being distorted inside one ?

    My apologies if I posted this in the wrong place, I'm eager to know more about why things are the way they are.. and hear others views and theorys..
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    Ok this is alot of questions but ill take them step by step ha ha

    1. Not really sure about this one, havent read much about it but have a basic idea aswell
    2. The Actual Universe is infinite, we can only see a certain distance because light has a speed limit, and light has only been travelin since the big bang started so it has only had that amount of time to expand/move.
    3. I personally believe it is possible. One way it can be done is to collect extreme amounts of energy/mass into one space, bending space onto itself and opening a portal into the future. However i dont think you can go back into the past once the machine has started,but you can go back to the moment the machine started
    5. Yes i think so, once again you can use the method above to create portal but those portals can also be used to get from place to place like worm holes, also there are other forms of propulsion other than rockets like ion engines and warp drives ( i think that is what they are called) where you create a gravitational wave and ride it like a surfer.
    4. sorry i skipped this one, and i think that since the universe is infinite which means billions of billions of stars with trillions and trillions of planets, one of them HAS to have life
    6. The universe is expanding because of the big bang, black holes would only impeed them because gravity attracts not repels.

    Lesson on black holes, Black holes are the aftermath of a Super Nova, the mass that is left over is condensed to the point in wich the gravitational pull of the matter is so strong that not even light can escape it. that is why they are called black holes. Its a cliche but you should probably know this ha ha, as to them being portals i would have no idea. My guess is that something strange happens to them. Whether or not they go through a portal is up to anyone seeing as we cant know whats inside them. But i can tell you that the matter doesnt disintigrate. It can be completely dismantled, like if your body was to be thrown at one, you would eventually be pulled into a string of atoms
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    so does the matter in a black hole get turned into hawking radiation?

    Can someone plz explain in simple terms what exactly is the information paradox?

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