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Homework Help: Questions concerning Smith Charts

  1. Apr 8, 2012 #1
    Have some problems concerning these questions relating to the Smith Chart:

    A 300 ohm transmission line is terminated with an antenna with a (450Ω - j600Ω) load impedance.
    (1) What is the normalized load admittance?
    (2) How far from the load should a short circuit stub be placed to match the load?
    (3) How long should the stub be?
    (4) What is the VSWR before matching at the load?
    (5) What is the VSWR after matching?

    Attempt at Solution:

    (1) (450Ω - j600Ω) / 300 = 1-5 - j2

    The answers to questions 2 to 5 require plotting on the Smith Chart. I got the following answers:

    (2) 0.25λ, (3) 0.334λ (4) 1.7 (5) 1

    But I am not sure if these answers are correct.
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