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Aerospace Questions for aerospace engineers

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    I am a freshman in high school and I'm writing a vocational research paper on becoming an aerospace engineer. I can get extra credit for interviews with aerospace engineers. I have a few questions if anyone can please take a minute to answer them.
    1) Do you like going to work everyday?
    2) Are there physical qualifications involved in your work?
    3) Do you think that you would ever switch jobs to another engineering job?
    4) What kind of degree do you have?
    5) Are there long hours involved in your work?
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    Hi matt,

    Welcome to the forums!

    To my knowledge, there aren't any active aerospace engineers posting on the forums. (If I'm wrong, or if any are lurking, SPEAK UP!)

    russ_waters or myself are probably the closest you'll find here. I'm a senior studying aerospace, and Russ is a mechanical engineer who took a few years of aerospace classes in college.

    The best bet is to call up an aerospace firm in your area. Engineers (heck, everyone) likes taking a break to talk about themselves, particularly to students. If you post the general area you're from, we can find you a firm nearby.
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    Hi, thanks for replying. I live in Pittsburgh.
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    Here you go:

    Some Pittsburgh Aerospace Companies

    Lockheed Martin is the biggest, but I'm sure you'll not have much trouble getting a quick interview in any of them.

    If you've got a choice, prepare your questions, dress up, and go in to talk to the person. If you're lucky, it could lead to an internship.

    Don't ask for one when you go in (considered sneaky...), but if you handled yourself well, if you call up later on (summer maybe), they'll remember you.
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