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Questions for an interview

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    Need help with an assignment and any feedback from professionals in the field of EE would be appreciated. Here are the requirements for an interview.

    Investigate a potential career/job, talking to someone of authority in this field and schedule an interview with
    him/her. Your interview can take place in-person, one the phone, or even via email. Make sure you get a
    signature or confirmation email after the interview is over to verify that the interview took place.Create interview
    questions (5-10 questions is appropriate) that really help you to explore and understand the career you are
    considering.Confirm that the interview took place by either forwarding the interview to me, having the
    interviewee email me, having the interview questions with a signature checked off, or by having the interviewee
    leave a message on my voice-mail by the essay’s due date.

    These are the 10 questions that I have created. Email : valencia_hernandez93@hotmail.com

    1.How important is communications skills in your field of electrical engineering?

    2.How often do you work in teams in your company and do you think you benefit from it?

    3.How would you describe a valuable electrical engineer member in your company?

    4.How often do you engage in hands on projects in your company?

    5.What is the most important skill an electrical engineer should have in your opinion?

    6.Have you engineered a product that made an impact on people’s lives and if so what product?

    7.Do you think that the demand for electrical engineers in going to increase 5 years from now or possibly

    8.What type of responsibilities do you have in your company?

    9.What type of personality does a person need to have in your field?

    10.What are some of the benefits of working in your field?
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    Sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we no longer allow interview threads at the PF. Thread is locked.
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