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Questions for meteorological physicists about that weather control(could you destroy.

  1. May 6, 2005 #1
    ...a hurricane with hydrogen bombs?
    Also,Ivan said that Eastland has calculated for weather to be controlled is needed energy of 100 gigawatts-youre underestimating the power of an hurricane,and weather system:
    Here is what I've been found on this subject:
    They tried to influence hurricane with:
    Silver Iodide and failed.it's on this website:

    Placing a substance on the ocean surface:

    Adding water absorbing substances:

    Nuking them(it didn't happen,it only shows what would an nuke do to a hurricane and environment):

    Cooling the water with icebergs or deep ocean water:

    Other means:

    Any thoughts from physicists/meteorologists?
    That's why I don't see how can we influence an hurricane at all?How can we affect an entire weather system that creates all hurricanes since it's too big and too powerful?
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    Perhaps you could stop a hurricane with a H-bomb (I'm not sure), but IMO it would be very much like curing a cold with fire. Lots of fire, for a long time.
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    Umm, I'm pretty sure Hurricanes are at least thousands times more energetic than H-Bombs.

    I'm learning atmospheric physics, but oddly this question hasn't popped up.
    Hurricanes are cyclonic around low pressure regions. I don't think the H-bomb is going to affect this region much at all, it's too big.

    I will try to research it more.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think the idea is to steer the systems away from population centers. So the means to control these storms may not necessarily require the total energy of the weather system.

    No, we don't want to use H-bombs to control the weather. Aren't you aware of the fallout from nuclear detonations?

    Compounds to prevent evaporation and steer hurricanes are apparently still discussed as potentially viable. I know that at least one team or person is claiming that a biodegradable compound is being developed, or maybe that one already exists, that may work. So this approach may not be dead yet. Apparently there have been previous failed efforts using this idea.
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