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Questions for YOU

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    Where in the real-world will you use the physics?
    What do you gain from taking high school physics that other high school students will not obtain that did not take physics?
    Why don’t more people take physics?
    Can this problem be alleviated? If yes, how?
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    Because it's fascinating! Have you ever wondered how the universe works?
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    Can someone please answer me questions? I'm having trouble finding out specific examples of where physics is used in the real world.
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    Oh dear...

    Who do you think invented the transitor that has now become the basis of practically ALL modern electronics, including the computer that you used to do all this? This then leads to the largest area of physics that has a direct impact on your everyday life - condensed matter/material science. The study of the material that you use - conductor, insulator, semiconductor (that is used to make computer chips), superconductor, magnetism, etc, etc..- falls under this area of physics.

    ... and this is just from ONE area of physics that I've barely scratched the surface of.

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    My question is, where is physics NOT used in the real world?

    What the heck is your definition of physics anyway if you can't think of examples where it's being used?
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    Are you trying yo figure out when a high school physics class will become useful for someone who is not a scientist/engineer? It helps you to make better decisions. If your car gets stuck in a ditch, how will you get it out? Where should you go during a lightning storm? How do you fix your kid's toy? Can you actually understand and appreciate the articles in that issue of Scientific American at the dentists office? The list goes on...
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