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Questions in conductivity of solutions

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    Hi everyone :)

    please I need help to show me what to do with these points related to the conductivity of solutions experiment :

    1- results I got from this experiment are the acid in mol dm and the conductance in mS.

    however, how can I get the aci in mol m,square root of the acid in mol/dm and the molar conductivity?

    2- In Kohlrausch's law, do Mandelic acid and HCL obey the equation and are they strong or weak acids?

    3- What's the literature value of HCL?

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    what course is this for?
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    it's for chemlab (physical chem.) experiments...
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    I've not taken physical chem before...here's a link, hopefully it'll refresh your memory. Otherwise, chemtr or someone else should be able to help you out.

    http://chem.ch.huji.ac.il/~eugeniik/history/kohlrausch.htm [Broken]

    By the way HCl is a strong acid. The experiment seems simple enough, I may be able to assist you with the problem, yet I don't have the complete info on this subject with me at this time. You can try explaining it more extensively. Also it seems that some of the questions actually depend upon your experimental results, you should discuss these also.
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